Welcome to Wrongthink, where I write about software freedom maximalism, digital privacy and security, as well as other issues. I ‘enjoy’ exploring the intimidating realities of our world which may be too uncomfortable for joe normie to dwell on. My thoughts are genuine although my New England background may make them come across as cold and scathing. I do not apologize for any of this.

Present pursuits take me through some pretty abrasive perspectives while recent events have drawn my focus toward scrutinizing our wider global narrative. A considerable amount of historical events as presented in textbooks have likely been skewed or fabricated in some capacity. I believe that if we can build a strong foundation in understanding the smaller truths, that the larger ones will eventually reveal themselves.


Television watchers, please head 🠲 this way where it’s safer for you.


1. Why did you start this site?

Mainly just to vent frustrations but the place has grown on me. I was originally inspired by Luke Smith in 2020 with the simplicity of his (at the time) HTML site as a hedge against an ever more censorious web. It began on Neocities since that was the best low friction hoster available when I started. Wrongthink may eventually expand to the darknet or take on additional services.

2. You have pretty staunch views on computers, so what do you use?

My primary computers do not run any remote master control silicon unless the keys and functionality are entirely within my control. I’m mainly on a fully free software/open schematic Raptor Computing Systems Blackbird based desktop running Debian GNU/Linux. I also use some other distros and have a ton of conventional consumer computers on the bench, that I recondition.

3. Why am I having trouble finding your works?

I seldom ever attribute my writings to myself. If you’ve done lots of deep privacy/security guides you may have invariably come across something I wrote or submitted. Maybe it’s a bit paranoid but I am selective about where they get shared and with whom.

4. Is there somewhere I can donate?

Not anymore. I used to supply a ₿TC address but there are just too many glaring flaws with Bitcoin for me to be able to justify dealing with it. I may eventually add other methods but nothing is currently planned.