Welcome to Wrongthink, where I write about digital freedom, privacy and security, suppressed information, as well as other issues. Something about my psychology compels me to explore uncomfortable realities. I suppose it arises from morbid fascination. I am old enough to remember how the world was pre-9/11, and pre-digitization of society. Some of my motivation is likely rooted in a hopeless desire to recapture even a modicum of that era. My thoughts are genuine although may come across as cold and scathing. I do not apologize for any of this.

Why I started this site

Mainly just to channel frustrations but the place has grown on me. I was originally inspired by Luke Smith in 2020 with the simplicity of his (at the time) HTML site as a hedge against an ever more censorious web. It began on Neocities since that was the best low friction hoster available when I started. Wrongthink may eventually expand to the darknet or take on additional services.

I am very picky about my computer equipment

My primary computers do not run any remote master control silicon unless the keys and functionality are entirely within my control. I’m mainly on a fully free software/open schematic Raptor Computing Systems Blackbird based desktop running Debian GNU/Linux. I also use some other distros and have a ton of conventional consumer computers on the bench, that I recondition.

My works are scattered around the web

I seldom ever attribute my writings to myself. If you’ve done considerable exploration of privacy/security guides you may have invariably come across something I shared. I may one day aggregate everything here definitively.

I no longer take donations

I used to supply a ₿TC address but there are just too many glaring flaws with Bitcoin for me to be able to justify dealing with it. I may eventually add other methods but nothing is currently planned.

You will not find me on any centralized, commercialized social networking

My online routine is very disciplined and I basically only ever use P2P, federated or self-hostable SNS. Some classical PhpBB forums are the most I can tolerate as far as monolithic moderated spaces go. Please check out my fediverse presences over in links/.


Television watchers, please head 🠲 this way where it’s safer for you.