Welcome to Wrongthink, where I write about digital freedom, privacy and security, suppressed information, as well as other issues. Something about my psychology compels me to explore uncomfortable realities. I suppose it arises from a fascination of the morbid. I am old enough to remember the world prior to the homeland security state and before the digitization of society. Some of my motivation is likely rooted in a wishful desire to recapture even a modicum of those times. My thoughts are genuine although may come across as scathing criticism.

Why I started this site

Mainly just to channel frustrations but the place has grown on me. I was originally inspired by Luke Smith in 2020 with the simplicity of his (at the time) HTML site as a hedge against an ever more censorious web. It began on Neocities since that was the best low friction hoster available when I started. Wrongthink may eventually expand to the darknet or take on additional services.

I am very picky about my computer equipment

I’m mainly on fully free software/open schematic Raptor Computing Systems Blackbird based desktops running Debian GNU/Linux. I am also partial to Alpine Linux and have several other computers that serve as staging environments and which do not possess any remote master control silicon unless the keys and functionality are entirely within my control.

My documentation is being refreshed

My earliest authorships are by now horribly dated. Some time ago, I stopped sharing my works in favor of maintaining a set of internal documents for my own personal use. I am currently gradually adapting some of those notes into generalized guides, this time with the aim of preventing them from going stale as the threat landscape continues to evolve.

I no longer accept donations

I used to supply a ₿TC address but there are just too many glaring flaws with Bitcoin for me to be able to justify dealing with it. I may eventually add other methods but nothing is currently planned.

You will not find me on any centralized, commercialized social networking

My online routine is very disciplined and I basically only ever use P2P, federated or self-hostable SNS. Some classical PhpBB forums are the most I can tolerate as far as monolithic moderated spaces go. My fediverse presence is currently on hold until bulletin board forums software ActivityPub support reaches a degree of maturity.

I am living the off grid dream fever dream

I am currently fulfilling a life goal of developing a small footprint, moderately self sufficient cottage. No, I am not a “prepper”, I just want to be left to my own devices. This kind of undertaking is overly romanticized amongst young men, especially of anti-authoritarian leaning, with notions that I demystify over in A Blueprint to Divorce from the Beast System. I wish I could make it sound more exciting than it is.

A motivation of my efforts

Is to help uplift those who are also striving to reclaim their autonomy over their digital presence. To be a voice that I wish I’d had when I was first familiarizing myself with owner-controlled computing and libre software. To be a repository of thoughts that are too often considered ‘wrong’ by the court of popular opinion.