Digital Piracy is Morally Justified

Jul. 8, 2022 [technology] [gaming]

Sharing and receiving copywrong encumbered digital games gratis is always morally correct and completely justified except under condition 1.

And even then, nobody should stop you, except maybe your conscience.

Hello, 古川 俊太郎, everyone has been thoroughly enjoying not paying for your hostageware Super Mario 64. Perhaps they would be buying it if only it were built and sold, good and proper, for their choice platform without going through the reverse engineered PC port. How long are you going to milk a shriveled cow?

Hello, Sam Houser. Nobody really cares how they obtained GTA III & GTA Vice City assets as long as they have enjoyed access via RE3. Perhaps they would be buying the remaster if only the software wasn’t maliciously locked to a certain operating system. Oh, and a few of us may have saved the RE3 repo before you cucked out with a DMCA.

And so on and so forth with every other reverse engineered hostageware. That is all.