Innovations Erroneously Attributed to Windows

Nov. 16, 2023 [technology]

Concepts, features and creature comforts which existed within linuxes since long ago, that where only later adopted by Windows. Some small, others game changing.

It is quite possible that, one day, Windows itself will have completely transformed into some encapsulation of legacy Windows as a Microsoft produced linux “distro”. If or when this happens, you just know there will be hordes of ignorant normies proclaiming how brilliant Windows is for “it’s” pioneering innovations. A rewriting of history to paint others as primitive laggards.

I want to facepalm my head through my desk each time there’s a press release over some new Windows adopting anything which has been in *nixes for ages but neophytes exclaim “Wow, what a great new feature! Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?!”. Yet we had been screaming from the mountain tops for years how things are better in the free world, if only they would just try dipping their toes in.

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