15 Billion Years of Human Life Siphoned to Create Markets

Jul. 15, 2022 [politics] [history]

If you lived through the zombie media craze of the late aughts, you’ve probably enjoyed a debate or two among peers detailing how you might survive an apocalypse. Perhaps you envisioned that you would be part of a ragtag roving gang of survivors fending off the undead hordes, against all odds. Just fun banter. But imagine how isolating it must have been to find yourself as one of the few people in 1690s Massachusetts, in the midst of witchcraft executions, who had to hold silent while knowing the falsity of it all. Or just maybe, you’ve had the very real misfortune of experiencing for yourself the absolute vertigo which accompanies the realization that the whole world has gone mad around you.

If you find yourself among a certain 30% or less of the population, then you probably know exactly what I’m talking about. That being watching nearly everyone around you, both the well studied and intelligent as well as those with different strengths, fall to a propaganda fear campaign that, this time, reached escape velocity. Their [over]reactions collectively plunged the world into a destruction of human dignity, autonomy and along with it the global economic engine over the perception of a disease with characteristics nearly indistinguishable from the common flu.

They enabled the theft of a cumulative 15 billion years of human life, two years stolen from each of our roughly 7.5 billion Earthly neighbors, to unknowingly enrich and empower a network of parasites. One of whom was particularly excited for 2020 because he and others knew what they would be creating. A “healthy new market for vaccines”. A goal they had been racing toward through the “decade of vaccines” and earlier pushes to realign the global perception of health.

The movement that has grown around investigating uncomfortable questions has become so preoccupied with exposing the wilder agendas, that they sometimes forget to communicate the parasite’s more mundane motivations. I wanted to highlight the unexciting and perhaps not so obvious agenda of disaster capitalism. Having a familiarity with this will help us understand what these same monopolizing think tanks are concocting in the way of healthy new markets for food monopolies, or any other manufactured reorientation of the global economy that they’re dreaming up.

So if you’ve been cognizant to any of this over the last few years, you might have felt like one of those unfortunate few in Salem who couldn’t speak out, perhaps not even amongst your own family, lest you be outcasted as a witch denier. What, you don’t trust the science? Just know that you are not alone, but there isn’t a whole lot of company either.