Idea Pool and Roadmap

Jul. 29, 2022 [news]

I have been working through a backlog of topics that accumulated during a period of downtime starting in 2021. Which is what has facilitated daily postings as of late, but I will eventually exhaust this buffer. Once that happens, I will make an effort to keep sharing original ideas between one to three times a week. This will also help to prevent drowning the older writings out of sight. Looking at my notes, there are roughly two weeks worth of subject matter to catch up on. Just FYI.

I also want to share a bit of a roadmap. These are some things I would like to eventually implement:

An email contact would be nice to have but I don’t want to put it up in plain text. Maybe it can be one of those cryptic visual links to obfuscate from spam bots. Both a contact form and comments would be very difficult to implement without using some kind of third party resource which I would absolutely detest. A colleague and I are currently exploring the feasibility of different webrings, or even a hyperlinked map of connections between the various peer sites.

It is probably unavoidable that Wrongthink will eventually outgrow Neocities. When that time comes, I’ll be sure to post notice clearly in advance of any major changes.