Rebuking Libertarians Who Use Nonfree Tech

Jan. 18, 2023 [technology] [politics] [proprietary] [privacy-security]

If you’re a libertarian anarchist and you use proprietary technology then you might not be practicing what you preach. Also that’s very sad. Here’s a logic blockchain for you: You cannot be free if you can’t exercise free thought. You cannot exercise free thought if you don’t have privacy in which to explore ideas. And you cannot have privacy so long as you use proprietary malware.

Because a person’s digital device is essentially an extension of their own mind, if somebody else can manipulate that device, they can manipulate your mind. Quite simple. Basically nothing can be trusted to remain a secret when stored and handled by nonfree software. Crypto bros are often walking contradictions because of this naught understood reality. Imagine making efforts to secure your super secret crypto wallet, only to then pass that information through a black box like Windows? So much for that high entropy passphrase and that “anonymous” ownership lol.

I get it, not everyone can be fully in the know in all subject matter. But you would think there would be a greater intersection between the free libertarians and the free software movement. In fact, much of the free software space is occupied by communist trannies. What the hell happened? Is it being induced deliberately to keep the movement fractured? Do freedom seeking people just exhaust themselves while persuing the already massive tasks involved with leading a self-sustainable life? Regardless of the cause, we really need some more cross pollination between the two groups.