Neocities Links Have Been Redirected

Apr. 4, 2023 [news] [guides]

Enough time has elapsed that stragglers to the old neocities site should have gotten the message by now that has replaced it as the primary site. I have pointed all neocities pages to their new counterparts here. If you also operate a site that has migrated away from neocities, and would like to do the same with your own hugo markdown files, here’s how I programatically rewrote all the pages:

for item in * ; do sed -i '1,/---/!d' $item ; echo "Article has moved to$item" >> $item ; done

Which preserves the fields between hugo’s font matter declarations but strips away all subsequent text, replacing it with a brief hyperlink. And then touch up with a pass of:

sed -i 's/.md//' *.md

Why didn’t I keep the neocities site as a mirror? Neocities' restriction of media content clashes with my liberal usage of multimedia, making it unsuitable as a mirror. However, I am exploring running a true-to-form darknet mirror. The only stumbling block right now is in assessing how well a physical server will handle graceful shutdowns via apcupsd during power interruptions, which often occurs when you live out in the mountains. This also disqualifies any darknet mirror that I deploy from taking on the status as my primary website. Although some neat ideas are floating around out there.