Self Censorship Among The Freedom Movement

Jan. 12, 2023 [language] [politics]

Whispering under one’s breath. Replacing words with codewords. Garbling certain terms. These are the behaviors of an obedient gigacuck. Some speakers are so hell bent on sissifying themselves for their masters in order to remain within centralized corporate playpens that they will seriously preempt censor mechanisms by modifying their own speech. As an onlooker, this is both frustrating and sad that those in the freedom movement try so hard to continue using blatantly censorious hosts.


(For the record, I respect much of JP Sear’s musings) No, this is not “getting around the censors”. This is complying with their cause. Remember that making your side look ridiculous and unhinged is likely about as effective as censoring yourself anyway.

And people tend to overestimate the role that algorithms play in detecting unwanted subject matter. Often it is human intervention (by desk jockies who have to look busy for boss anyway) and they typically only intervene on works which have begun to achieve substantial reach on their platforms. One way that we can tell that humans are involved is the fact that thoughtcrime hidden beyond the wadsworth constant often goes unnoticed for some time. A program iterating over a transcript would be likely to rapidly find strings of unwanted language regardless of where it sits on the timestamp. This is why things like pirate streams, “gaming channels” and “makeup tutorials” can get away with more sensitive messaging. While I find these efforts creative, it is still capitulating to the adversary without addressing the root cause of the issue. It doesn’t matter if you think you’re reaching more normies. Limiting your own voice is still selling your soul.

If you still have a vestigial account on $CENTRALIZED_DISSERVICE, the best use of it, if any, is to make mockery of them and link out to your own spaces. Something like “Nanny state doesn’t want me telling you about what I have to share so I invite you to read/watch/follow me over at my site.” Especially stupid is to self censor when you publish the same works to any freer host simultaneously. Anyone reading or watching it there will see your attempts to infantilize the information and wonder why you even wasted the time to share it in a more liberated space.