The Hypocrisy of Decrying Mac While Lauding Windows

Sep. 5, 2020 [technology] [proprietary]

There is a pervasive perspective among Windows users who recognize but live with its ills, which argue Windows as good and valid because at least it isn’t Mac. While it is first and foremost a coping mechanism, it is also a fallacy akin to destroying your home with a growing hoarding habit while pointing at the long time hoarder next door and crying out “At least I’m not that bad!”. Is one any less harmful than the other? Let’s take a look:

Mac OS has been found to send user data back to Apple without consent. Good thing Microsoft would never do such a thing with Windows.

Mac OS forces changes and updates on users without even notifying them. Trusty old Windows has never done this.

Apple deliberately kill support for older products with no valid technical reason to do so. Good thing Micrsoft never engage in this kind of abuse.

The determinant of whether a software treats its users as cattle is not which corporate flag they fly nor which branding the product belongs to. Ask yourself this, would any of the anti-features in the above descriptions even be possible to force on end users if the source code were available to the public to examine and modify?