The Last Time I Used Reddit

Aug. 8, 2022 [technology] [proprietary] [memes]

The last time I ever used reddit was to truthbomb r/linuxmasterrace with scathing comics I made in GIMP. At first it was all well received, but as I dug deeper with the anti-proprietary messaging, the fence sitters and resident proprietary authoritarians quickly grew to resent my u/EnjoyYourCensorship puppet. It was several years ago now and I forget if they kicked me (Redditors so probably) or if I just burned the account. The *masterrace groups tend to harbor the biggest hypocrites but that doesn’t mean there weren’t some cool folks along the way.

EnjoyYourCensorship … a legend EnjoyYourCensorship … hated EnjoyYourCensorship interesting PM EnjoyYourCensorship … beggining to get through

The run of comics archived here:

I would go back to turn up the heat again but I don’t think I could stomach using contemporary REEddit. That doesn’t mean that I’m no longer doing my dirty work. Maybe in a few years I can share the highlights from some of my current stakeouts.