The Purpose of Safe Spaces

May. 5, 2023 [history] [politics] [guides]

POV: You are a sociopath. It is the late aughts-mid teens decade. And you have a problem to be solved.

The Problem:

You and your industry buddies would love to pull off a scam against the global public in order to force them, to the maximal extent, to use your products. But you know that the perceptive and inherently distrusting minority of the population will, using the internet, swiftly identify and call out your scam, alerting others, as you begin to roll it out. This poses a serious risk of your plans being undermined.

So, how to isolate that group away from view of the more easily persuaded majority?

Still from After Skool's 'Love Your Servitude - Aldous Huxley & George Orwell'

The Solution:

Part I

Identify (or manufacture!) a social schism and fan the flames to foment ever greater consternation between the factions which end up forming around it. Once you have generated a sufficiently critical mass of useful idiots willing to die on a hill before your social cause, they can surely be leveraged to enact part II of the solution.

Part II

Within massive and influental online spaces, decry the presence of poeple who are perceptive and alert as “problematic” menaces to the community. Label them as threats, and/or things they have said or done as heinous bullying which must be banished “for the safety of the community” and the legions of useful idiots will cheer as their community’s only genuine social and intellectual immune system is dismantled before their eyes in order to clear the way for “safe spaces” and “inclusive communities”.

Once most of the alert & perceptive crowd have been successfully banned, removed, [self-]censored, or have retreated to enclaves of their own making, away from the larger view of the public, it is now time to begin deploying your desired global scam. Opposition has been successfully mitigated and you, the psychopath(s), can now control the perceived reality of the masses, totally unopposed.

*Yes, this is a gross over-simplification. But one component which casts the phenonenon of “safe spaces” into a light which begins to make much more sense in retrospect.