Why There Are So Many Trannies in Tech

Jan. 10, 2023 [technology] [politics]

This might be stating the obvious, but there is no doubt a disproportionately high number of trannies (See: UNIX trannies) within the computer industry and hobby spaces. I can only offer hypothesis on why this is. It could be totally wrong, but it’s not like I can just ask the source directly when they’re so ready to block and niggerlist anybody who can see that the emperor isn’t wearing any clothes. Some observations:

Lack of access to female peers and inceldom

This is particularly accentuated among the shy computer nerd demographic. Courtship is being centralized and it has left a ton of desperate young men in its wake. So the mentality for some sufferers appears to shift to becoming what one cannot have.

The coorelation between autism, computers and transexualism

Covered in Asymmetry of Digital Literacy Between The Political Divide, paragraph two. To recap, there is strong coorelation between autism and interest in computers. There is also strong coorelation between autism and dysphoria. Apply transitive property.

Anime, female avatars and video game character creators

Again, there are lots of lonely nerds among IT ranks. Some of their only (and first) exposure to positive female attention comes in the form of anime. Or pony cartoons. It doesn’t matter that it’s fake to them. They go on to, somewhat understandably, become enamored. Some may take up “waifus”. But for others, I suspect things get taken a bit further. These female characters take on the position of role models to be emulated. The thinking must go something like “They’re so happy and successful, if only I were more like her I could be too!". Queue slippery slope.

And a rhetorical question: What does playing through a role playing game as the opposite sex do to the psychology of a developing mind?

Crossing of the wires which compel the male mind to find the female figure appealing

This one rides on the back of another stereotype based in reality being that computer nerds are shrimpy wimps or greasy fatasses. When one’s body proportions stand so far from the male ideal, it must become easier to rationalize and persue female proportions instead. I believe this is one of the basis for autogynephilia. A fetish in which a man finds sexual arousal by the thought of being a woman.

Observational anecdotes

I have attended a fair few technology conferences. I have worked at several IT organizations. Each and every time there has be a substantial population of those bearing the qualities described above (with varying degrees of expression). It is the reason why I have even pondered on the topic. I’m aware that my hypothesis aren’t fully developed and probably not bullet proof. Just spitballing.

One notable example I have personally encountered includes the tranny engineer who’s chromosomes were blatantly exposed by his tall male frame. He foolishly associated his personal email account to the tooling used within the company. So I was able to snoop his presence on the web which led me to discover a MyAnimeList account. Of course. Favorite show? 君に届け, or Kimi ni Todoke. No way did that anime not play a role in their emerging trannydom.

With so many fetishists trying to bend reality who also work and tinker in tech, it is no wonder that there has been such a strong push to control language and create “tolerant” environments online. The force feeding of totally unecessary CoCs (codes of censorship) into FOSS projects makes its true intentions known. I expect further decay as their reach grows deeper into existing projects, and given historical trends.