Your Freedom Is Contingent on Others

Oct. 20, 2022 [politics] [monetary]

You have just come into great wealth and find that you no longer need to work. You secure yourself with a ranch that runs on solar and wind power, raise and butcher your own meat, pull your own water from the ground and generally live with almost no dependence on others. I do not conjure this image to lambast some hypothetical prepper supreme, but to follow in question: Is this exceptionally independent person now truly free?

The sad truth of the matter is that no, they are not. Your freedom, my freedom and the freedom of any individual is intrinsically tied to the perceptions and attitudes of those around them. You, hypothetically, can rid yourself of all malicious influence and live strictly according to your principles but if Joe shopkeep is still fast asleep it could mean you don’t get to walk out with purchased goods simply because you didn’t submit to some arbitrary medical apparatus, or for using the wrong type of currency e.g. not using mark of the beast trackable digital payments.

And since we live in a world where most believe in the validity of “passports” (which didn’t exist until historic recency), centralized currency, borders, compulsory taxation, and a whole host of other dreadful fabrications, we are priviliged with being at the whims of the great narratives of the public opinion moulders. Perception precedes action.

Best for now is to gradually, selectively build the network of people around you so that it is comprised of those who possess greater awareness. Continually maneuvering around the sensibilities of the zombies is not worth the effort when it can be so much easier just to cut contact. YMMV