Discord is an Inferior Alternative to Mumble

Apr. 17, 2024 [technology] [proprietary] [libre] [privacy-security] [advertising] [phones] [memes]

In 2015 the aptly named “Discord” went about “solving” a problem that had already long since been solved: in-game voice chat. The role of voice chat had been fulfilled by Mumble since a decade earlier. What new innovations has Discord brought to the table? Let’s walk through some of its major features.

Discord, no thanks. Mumble? Yes, please.
Is this a server?

As we can see, Discord just isn’t ready for primetime yet (we can turn normie lingo around on them ). No self-respecting person would ever install such a hostile program. Especially not when superior programs already exist which do the same job and with less fuss.

Discord? No way!